Why Should You Choose FirewoodNashville.com?

Better firewood

FirewoodNashville.com is a division of Creative Tree Service. So we choose what trees to sell as firewood, So you know your getting the best burning firewood such as Oak, Ash, Hickory. Maple, and Elm. Other companies just sell you whatever wood they can get their hands on.

Better Price

At FirewoodNashville.com you get firewood thats priced at 5-10% less then other local firewood companies. Most other firewood sellers charge hidden fees and they don't always give you all the wood that you payed for.

More Firewood Products

FirewoodNashville.com has more types of wood, options, and sizes to choose from then any of our local competitors.

Customer Service

At FirewoodNashville.com we make it easy for you to get the wood you need. First we help you find out what firewood products work best for your needs. Then help you load up, at no additional cost.

Full Rick Guarantee

If its not the full size you ordered, you can return your wood for the full product price or get the additional missing wood for free if the product is not to the full purchased dimensions.


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